REPORT #122 – Tonči Radelja Memorial BBO InterCity League

A group of Welsh players has been playing for a number of years in a twice-yearly BBO Intercity League (under the Aberystwyth name) that is played online on BBO on a Wednesday evening.

This league will be starting again early next month and entries are being requested by the organisers.

There is one 16 board round played every week, and it is always on Wednesday at 19.45hrs so planning is easy. The teams normally play 4 to 6 matches in a Round Robin before the leading teams move into a Knockout phase, with the final being played on Wednesday 2nd June.

We would encourage anybody that is interested to consider entering a team. The standard can be variable so you should not be daunted, it gives you an opportunity to play against some European opposition and it is fun!

There aren’t any limits to the number of players: each captain can line up as many players as he likes, but players that haven’t played the round robins shouldn’t be employed in the knock-out stage, unless the team couldn’t complete the foursome

If you have any further questions contact Turbin or Willemm (the BBO nicknames of Paolo Enrico Garrisi and Willem Mevius), or write to Garrisi at

To play, the Organisers need (as soon as possible):
The name of your team. It must be the name of a town, no matter how small and
the name of the captain (BBO’s and real name), and their email.

There are no entry fees, and no prizes apart from the fun of playing and the opponents’ esteem for your sportsmanship. So, give it a go!

Report #121 – Wales Junior Camrose and Peggy Bayer Teams

The Junior Camrose and Peggy Bayer Events for Juniors (aged under 26 and under 20 respectively) will take place over the weekend 19th – 21st February.

The events are being run by the Scottish Bridge Union (SBU) and will held online be using the Real Bridge platform.

The Welsh teams are:

Junior Camrose

Stephen Loat & Iwan Williams

Soozy Nesom & Mel Thomas

NPC Gilly Clench

Peggy Bayer

Sophie Akers & Steph Dux

Joseph Bentley & Alua Serikbayeva

Ash Rahman

NPC Lorrie Murphy

We send the team our best wishes.

REPORT #120 – Wales Lady Milne Team

Following the Lady Milne trial this weekend, the following team has been selected to represent Wales in the Lady Milne, to be held online on 16th – 18th April 2021. The event will be played using the Real Bridge platform.

Ceri Pierce & Mia Deschepper
Gilly Clench & Aida Aris
Margaret Lane & Lee Collier

NPC – Tony Disley

We wish them well in the Lady Milne.

Selector’s Report #118 – Scottish Winter Fours for the Scottish BBL Cup

The Scottish Bridge Union Winter Foursomes for the Scottish BBL Cup takes place in March. The SBU have stated that a WBU junior team will receive free entry into this event should Wales enter one or more Open Teams in the event.

This is Scotland’s Premier Online Event for 2021 and comprises:

Weekend 1 – Saturday March 13th & Sunday March 14th 2021
Double elimination matches (with the number of boards being dependent on entry)

Weekend 2 – Saturday March 20th – Pool Matches, Quarter & Semi-finals
Sunday March 21st – Final & Consolation Final (approx. 10 teams)

The event will be held using the RealBridge platform.

Entries or enquiries from Teams of either 4 – 6 by 1st March 2021 to:

Cost = £120 per team covering both weekends

On receipt of registration, payment details will be issued by the SBU.

Teams eliminated at the end of Saturday March 20th will receive free entry into the Winter Swiss Teams held on BBO on Sunday 21st March. Everyone is guaranteed four days of top level competition.

There are prizes for the winners, losing finalists and the first and second in the Consolation Final

Selector’s Report #116 – Senior Camrose / Teltscher Trophy Trial

A on-line trial (using the RealBridge platform) will be held over the weekend of 23rd – 24th January 2021, with a view to selecting the Wales team for the Senior Camrose / Teltscher Trophy. The format to be adopted is likely to be a complete Round Robin of 14 board matches scored by cross-IMPs. The winner of this trial, will be guaranteed selection for the Senior Camrose / Teltscher Trophy, with two further pairs then being chosen by the selectors.

Although entries for the trial closed on 15th January, the selectors may consider late entries, in order to avoid a half table, with pairs sitting out.

The Senior Camrose / Teltscher Trophy will be held on-line on 16th – 18th April 2021 using the RealBridge platform.

It should be noted that the Senior Camrose / Teltscher Trophy will be played on the same weekend as the Lady Milne, so players will be unable to play in both events. Eligible players may need to chose between representing Wales in the Senior Camrose / Teltscher Trophy or in the Lady Milne, with that decision being made following the Senior Camrose / Teltscher Trophy trial. This is not an ideal situation but it was a decision that was made by BGB and was beyond the direct control of the WBU.

Once the Senior Camrose / Teltscher Trophy results are known, the Selectors will meet and decide whether holding a trial for the Lady Milne is warranted.

Selector’s Report #114 – CAMROSE WEEKEND #2 on 5th – 7th March

The Selectors have announced unchanged teams for the second Camrose weekend on 5th – 7th March.

The teams are:


J Pottage & A Ratcliff

A Disley & A Thomas

D Jones & A Dunn

NPC: Simon Richards


G Davis & S Ingham

M Roderick & P Murphy

A Stephenson & P Kaufman

NPC: L Murphy

This weekend is being hosted by the Welsh Bridge Union on behalf of Bridge Great Britain (BGB).