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Report No. 78


The trials for the Teltscher Trophy will be held on the weekend of February 2nd & 3rd at Cardiff Bridge Club.  There are six teams:

John Salisbury, Tim Rees, Paul Denning and Gary Jones
Bob Pitts, Barry Lloyd Jones, Diane and Filip Kurbalija
Gilly Clench, Dave Birt, Adrian Thomas and Jim Luck
Alan Stephenson, Peter Kaufman, Philip Felman and Tony Disley
Chris Rochelle, Simon Gottschalk, Gwynn Davis and Nalini Dewan
Helen Houston, Tim Barsby, Peter Milewski and Anthony Stevens

The winning team is guaranteed selection with the third pair to be chosen by the selectors.  The Teltscher Trophy is on 5-7 April 2019 in Edinburgh.

There will be 5 rounds of 16-board matches, starting at 12 noon on Saturday and finishing mid-afternoon on Sunday.  The provisional timetable for the matches is:

Saturday 2nd Feb: 12:00 to 14:10, 14:30 to 16:40, 16:50 to 19:00
Sunday 3rd Feb: 10:30 to 12:40, 13:00  to 15:10

Report No. 77


The trials for the Lady Milne Trophy will be held next Saturday, January 26th 2019, at Gwent Bridge Academy (moved to South Wales following a request by the only North Wales entrant).  There are four pairs:

Sarah Amos & Andrea Knox
Sue Ingham & Gilly Clench
Ceri & Maggie Pierce
Eleanor Price & Jennifer Wardell

Play starts at 1100 am.

The Lady Milne itself will be held in Ireland, on 12/13/14 April 2019. The pair finishing first in the trial will be guaranteed a place in the Wales team.



After the first weekend of the 2019 Camrose, on 4th to 6th January, Wales lie third above Northern Ireland, Scotland and Ireland but a little behind the two English teams.  Wales were leading after four of the five matches.

The following team has been selected for the second weekend in England on 1st to 3rd March 2019:

Julian Pottage & Tony Ratcliff
Simon & Jonny Richards
Tim Rees & John Salisbury

The reserves are Mark Roderick & Paddy Murphy and the NPC will be Mike Tedd.

The venue is the Brandon Hall Hotel in Warwickshire.

Report No. 75


The follwing team will represent Wales in the Junior Camrose in Northern Ireland on February 15-17 2019:

Sarah Greener & Stephen Loat
David Williams & Ivan Williams
Mel Thomas & Jo Mulally
NPC Gilly Clench

We wish them well



The selectors invite entries for the Seniors Trial to be held in Cardiff on February 2-3 2019.  The Teltscher Trophy is on 5-7 April 2019 in Edinburgh.

Having invited comments on the proposed format and carefully reviewing the replies, the selectors have decided on adopting a Teams structure for this year’s trial.  This was requested by a clear majority of the respondents.

Entries should be sent to Tony Disley [ ] by December 17th, and may be from teams of four or from pairs. The selectors will endeavour to form teams acceptable to both pairs for those without team mates.  We urge as many eligible players as possible to take part.

The winning team is guaranteed selection with the third pair to be chosen by the selectors.  £100 will be paid to each member of the selected team as a contribution to their expenses.



A new European Mixed Teams Championship is being held in Lisbon from 22-28 February 2019.  Details can be found at:

Wales are able to send one team to this event, so the selectors would welcome applications from teams of four, five or six players who wish to play.  If more than one team applies a one day play-off will be organised.  If a pair would like help finding team-mates, please contact Paul Denning (

Please note that no expenses are available for this event.  Players will be responsible for the full costs including the entry fee.

Please apply to Paul Denning ( by Sunday 16th December.