Report No. 1

This is the first of what is intended to be a regular series of reports by the WBU selectors, summarising the results of our deliberations and indicating plans for the future.

The site is not at present designed to allow comment, so anyone wishing to communicate with the selectors is asked to email the Chairman, Paul Denning ( Should that
communication be of general interest the subject matter will no doubt feature here in due course.

The selectors

There are at present four selectors:

Paul Denning (Chairman)

Gwynn Davis

Linda Greenland

Alan Screen

Schedule of meetings

The selectors met briefly on 21st September and our next meeting (by Skype) is scheduled for 7th October, when our principal task will be to select the team for the first Camrose weekend.


The task of selection is shared, but selectors accept responsibility for organising specific sets of trials. Currently these responsibilities are as follows:

Open: Paul Denning

Lady Milne: Gwynn Davis

Seniors: Alan Screen

We shall in due course give notice of arrangements for the Lady Milne and Seniors trials.

Additionally, we shall consult with Mark Roderick, Junior Co-ordinator, concerning the scope for selecting a Junior team able to represent Wales in the Junior Camrose. (No decisions have been made about that as yet.)


Funding and expenses decisions are taken by the WBU management team, but the selectors may make recommendations. It is our intention from now on to publish any stipulations regarding the players’ expenses at the time of selection, so players will be in no doubt what they are entitled to claim.


The selectors are not directly responsible for training, but encourage all aspiring Welsh international players to take advantage of the training currently being offered, notice of which is given elsewhere on WBU websites. There are plans for at least one training day geared specifically to the needs of the Open team, and the selectors will be responsible for issuing invitations to that.

Open trials

The first trials to be held this season are for the Open team, and take place over two weekends (20/21 September and 4/5 October). This year, for the first time, the trials are being run as a Premier League of eight teams. The first weekend has been held, and in our view represents a huge improvement on the poorly attended Pairs X-imping of recent years. This is very encouraging, and gives us something to build on for the future. Thanks to all those, notably Bob Alderdice and Paul Denning, who contributed to making this happen. Thanks also to Neville Richards for his part in organising the two weekends, and to Sarah Amos who coped magnificently with all that the players (and the WBU dealing machine) contrived to throw at her.

Here is one hand of interest from the weekend.





                                     ♠AKQ953                                    2

                                     ♥5                                               AK7642

                                    ♦A                                               QJ

                                    ♣KQ764                                     10982





It was a reflection of the generally high standard of the event that all eight East/West pairs bid to slam, seven in 6C and one in the inferior 6S. Six Spades had to go down. Six Clubs can of course be made, but should you make it? Not if you play according to the odds, although it is fairly close. Six declarers took the normal line of playing towards their club honours, and then in due course laying down the second honour. Unlucky! The only time Six Clubs was made was when North on lead began with the Ace of trumps. It can be a game of very fine margins.