The following pairs have entered the trial to help select the team to represent Wales in the Teltscher Trophy (‘Senior Camrose’). The trial will be held in the Metropole Hotel, Llandrindod Wells on the weekend of 7th/8th February. Tony Howarth will direct.

Liz Atkinson & Simon Gottschalk

John Beard & Liam Sheridan

Dave Birt & Gilly Clench

Gwynn Davis & John Glubb

Tony Disley & Roger Penton

Philip Felman & Mike Hirst

Patrick Jourdain & Patrick Shields

Diane & Filip Kurbalija

George Novak & Alan Screen

John Salisbury & Mike Tedd

Beth & Barry Wennell



As most reading this post will know, the Welsh team performed splendidly over the first of two Camrose weekends, in Edinburgh on 9/10/11 January. Wales won all their matches and at the conclusion of the weekend lead the Camrose table, fractionally ahead of the Republic, with a dangerous England lurking in 3rd place.

This was a remarkable achievement by the Welsh team in the circumstances, with one team member, Tim Rees, having been taken ill the day before the event and not making it to Edinburgh. The news of Tim’s indisposition only reached the team shortly before the event was due to start, and even then it was not clear whether he would be available for some part of the weekend. A decision was taken at the playing venue that Tim’s partner, Gary Jones, would play in partnership with Paul Denning, the appointed NPC, whenever it was necessary to relieve the other two pairs. Paul and Gary in fact played four sets – two on the Saturday and two on Sunday, enabling our other two pairs, Tedd & Salisbury, Ratcliff & Jourdain, to have a much needed rest.

The Camrose will conclude on the weekend of 6/7/8 March, in Northern Ireland. The Welsh team will be as selected for the first weekend, namely:

Mike Tedd & John Salisbury

Tony Ratcliff & Patrick Jourdain

Tim Rees & Gary Jones

NPC: Paul Denning

Reserve pair: Filip Kurbalija & Patrick Shields

It is likely that the second weekend will be tougher than the first, with a full strength England line-up. Still, Wales have put themselves in with a chance. Again, all matches will be shown on BBO. Come on Wales!