The first of two Premier League weekends has now been held, and the position is delicately poised, at least as far as the leading teams are concerned. Results can be found via the RESULTS link on the WBU Home Page.

Thanks to Sarah Amos for her usual impeccable directing, and to Neville Richards for organising the venue, tables, and boards. Battle resumes on 31st October (same venue; same start time). Mike and Sarah Amos will make a new draw for the order of matches, which will be published as soon as I have it. Seating rights will be reversed from the first weekend.

For most of us there were missed opportunities aplenty. Here are four potential slam hands from matches 5, 6 and 7 on the Sunday.

Match 5. Board 2. East deals. N/S vul.





                                ♠K82                                                      void

                                ♥43                                                         J97652

                               ♦K1098632                                             Q7

                               ♣8                                                           AQ1054





At our table N/S had to cope with an opening 2H from East, following which: X – 5C – 5S – 6S. Not exactly cast iron. In fact slam was bid at five of the eight tables, four times making. One of those contracts was doubled, and since at the other table in that match 6S went down, that was an 18 IMP swing. 13 IMPs changed hands in the match where slam was bid at one table but not the other.

Match 6. Board 16. West deals. E/W vul.





                              ♠A4                                                  KQ10873

                              ♥KQ98753                                       A6

                             ♦A82                                                QJ74

                             ♣5                                                     J





At our table E/W had to cope with vigorous pre-emption in clubs by N/S, and whilst we bid to 5H in competition, slam was never in the picture. Only one E/W pair bid the excellent 6H, gaining 13 IMPs for their team. Well done to them.

Match 6. Board 28. West deals. N/S vul.





                            ♠J85                                                     AK43

                      ♥6                                                        98

                            ♦J753                                                   AKQ1062

                            ♣AKJ53                                               Q





At our table West passed initially and East opened 1D. South bid 2D (Michaels, for the majors) and much now depends on how West values (and describes) her hand in response. 2S or 4H are both possible, depending on methods. As can be seen, 6D is an excellent contract, but only one pair managed to bid it, gaining 11 IMPs for their team. Well done to them. Six E/W pairs played in game, and one didn’t make it that far.

Match 7. Board 41. North deals. E/W vul.





                       ♠A10                                                KJ963

                      ♥J432                                                A76

                 ♦AJ4                                                 KQ87

                     ♣AKQ9                                             5





E/W have a combined 32 count so slam is clearly an option. Given a heart lead, 12 tricks in 6NT depends on taking the right view in spades, so you wouldn’t mind not being in that. Five pairs explored before deciding that slam was not for them, whilst three went the whole hog. The two pairs who bid to 6NT both went down, presumably following a heart lead and mis-guess in spades, whilst the pair who bid to 6S (the best spot, cold even on a heart lead and spade mis-guess) duly made their contract. So that was 12 or 13 IMPs in or out in three matches, depending on what views were taken.

On we go.




Team captains will by now have received the Conditions of Contest from Paul via email.  A few points to emphasise:


Screens will be in use at all tables. It is important that everyone observes the screen protocols. All questions and answers should be conveyed in writing.

Brown sticker conventions

These have to be notified in advance, and a suggested defence supplied.


Sarah Amos

Table money

£40 per player, per weekend

Start and finish times

Start on Saturday: 11.30; finishing approx 20.15

Start on Sunday: 10.30; finishing approx 17.10


There will be a refreshment break after match 1 on the Saturday (from 13.25 to 14.10) and after match 2 on the Sunday (from 14.30 to 15.15). The cost of this is included in your table money.

Seating rights

For each head to head match one of the two teams  is designated the Home team and will take its position after the seating arrangements of the Away team are known. Seating rights will be reversed on the second weekend.


Each match comprises 14 boards. There will be four matches on Saturday; three on Sunday. The time allowed for each match is 1 hour and 55 minutes. There are penalties for lateness, whether in arriving at the table or in completing the match. These penalties will be strictly enforced.

The draw

A random draw has been made by Mike and Sarah Amos, and is as follows, with seating rights indicated for the first weekend:

TEDD v Stevenson (A) Kurbalija (A) Plackett (H) Milewski (H)

Pitts (H) Davis (A) Screen (A)

KURBALIJA v Milewski (A) Tedd (H) Stevenson (H) Screen (H)

Davis (H) Plackett (A) Pitts (A)

PLACKETT v Screen (A) Milewski (H) Tedd (A) Pitts (H)

Stevenson (A) Kurbalija (H) Davis (A)

DAVIS v Pitts (A) Screen (H) Milewski (A) Stevenson (H)

Kurbalija (A) Tedd (H) Plackett (H)

PITTS v Davis (H) Stevenson (A) Screen (A) Plackett (A)

Tedd (A) Milewski (H) Kurbalija (H)

SCREEN v Plackett (H) Davis (A) Pitts (H) Kurbalija (A)

Milewski (A) Stevenson (H) Tedd (H)

MILEWSKI v Kurbalija (H) Plackett (A) Davis (H) Tedd (A)

Screen (H) Pitts (A) Stevenson (A)

STEVENSON v Tedd (H) Pitts (H) Kurbalija (A) Davis (A)

Plackett (H) Screen (A) Milewski (H)