The first weekend of the Premier League has now been played. Full results are available via the link on the WBU Homepage. The Plackett team (Richard Plackett, Paul Lamford, Paul Denning, Adrian Thomas) have established a clear lead, including an important win against the Tedd team in the final match on Sunday.

The Plackett/Tedd match saw an exceptionally swingy set of boards, with 81 IMPs being exchanged, Plackett emerging ahead by just 12 IMPs.

Plackett is fielding two long established Welsh internationals in Paul Denning and Adrian Thomas, and also a newcomer to the Welsh trial scene in Paul Lamford. Paul is London-based, but he was born in Carmarthen and spent his early years in Haverfordwest. Anyone listening to Paul’s lilt would be left in no doubt as to his Welsh credentials. Richard played Camrose for the first time last season, and he and Paul have since formed a new partnership.

Denning/Thomas have established a clear lead in the Pairs (X-IMP) rankings. This is despite being on the wrong end of this slam swing in the Tedd match.

Board 40   Dealer North; both vul





                            ♠void                                    A984

                            ♥AKJ87                                Q105

                            ♦Q843                                   K9

                            ♣KQ75                                                  AJ63





It’s worth trying to work out how you and your partner would bid to slam (either 6C or 6H) on the East/West cards. In the Premier League seven E/W pairs played in Four Hearts, and only one (Ratcliff /Pottage, playing against Denning/Thomas) bid to slam in clubs. As you can see this proved to be pretty well impregnable, but getting there proved beyond every other East/West pair.

If the hands prove to be as lively in the second weekend there will be plenty of scope for the rankings to alter significantly.





The draw for the two Premier League weekends has now been made and is as follows. Note that the first named team is the ‘Home’ team and has seating rights for that match. The draw remains the same for the second weekend, but seating rights will be reversed.

Team numbers:

  1. Plackett
  2. Davis
  3. Clench
  4. Houston
  5. Milewski
  6. Tedd
  7. Murphy
  8. Pitts

The draw:


Match 1: 8v1  7v2  6v3  5v4

Match 2: 2v1  3v7  4v6  8v5

Match 3: 1v3  2v8  7v4  6v5

Match 4: 1v7  2v6  3v5  4v8


Match 5: 1v5  2v4  8v3  7v6

Match 6: 4v1  3v2  5v7  6v8

Match 7: 6v1  5v2  4v3  8v7




The Premier League will take place over the two weekends of 22-23 October and 5-6 November in The Commodore Hotel, Llandrindod Wells. Sarah Amos will direct. Table money, to include some modest refreshments, will be £40 per player per weekend.

Systems and conventions will be as laid down in the Camrose regulations.

Screens will be in use at all tables on both weekends.

Seven 14  board matches will be played each weekend.



Saturday: 11.30 – 1.25; 14.10 -16.05; 16.15 – 18.10; 18.20 – 20.15

Sunday: 10.30 – 12.25; 12.35 – 14.30; 15.15 – 17.10

Subject to Pairs having played at least 50% of the boards, all members of the winning team will be guaranteed selection for at least one Camrose weekend, and the Pair finishing top on X-imping will likewise be guaranteed at least one Camrose weekend. The Camrose weekends are: 6-8 January 2017 (England) and 3-5 March 2017 (Scotland).


CLENCH (G. Clench; D. Birt; C. Pierce; M. Pierce; D. MacAndrew)

DAVIS (G.Davis, S. Ingham, C.Rochelle, S. Gottschalk, Beth & Barry Wennell)

HOUSTON (H.Houston, M. Deschepper, N. Dewan, L. Powell, M. Pownall, T. Towers)

MILEWSKI (P.Milewski; M. Baker; S. Jarvis; N. Forrest; T. Howarth; K.Maddox)

PITTS (B. Pitts; B. Jones; A. Stephenson; P. Kaufmann)

PLACKETT (R. Plackett; P. Lamford; P. Denning; A. Thomas)

RODERICK (M. Roderick; P. Murphy; Y.Shen; T. Disley)

TEDD (M. Tedd; J. Salisbury; G. Jones; T. Rees; T. Ratcliff; J. Pottage)