Report No. 88


Five teams applied to play in the Seniors trials. An odd number of teams doesn’t work well when we want to see head-to-head matches like in the Teltscher itself. This was plain in the Premier League with nine teams, and five teams is worse. So two teams were asked to play a match to reduce the field to four teams.

This has now happened, and thus the trial will involve the following four teams:

  • John Salisbury, Tim Rees, Gary Jones, Paul Lamford
  • Barry Jones, Bob Pitts, Diane Kurbalija, Filip Kurbalija
  • Paul Denning, Alan Stephenson, Tony Disley, Adrian Thomas
  • David Birt, Gilly Clench, Philip Felman, Gwynn Davis

The trial will be held on the weekend of 1st and 2nd of February, at Crossgates Community Centre near Llandrindod Wells.  The timings etc will be added here as soon as they are finalised.