Welsh selectors provide regular reports on their decisions and plans

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The current selectors are Paul Denning (Chairman), Tony Disley, Mike Tedd and Alan Stephenson.

The selectors have prepared their terms of reference WBU Selectors Terms of Reference. These have been approved by the WBU Management Committee.

The selectors’ blog may be accessed from Blog Link or the menu bar above.

Welsh Bridge Union

4 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Sir, I have endeavoured to find bridge club on Anglesy or near by
    bridge times days etc but dificult due to lack of info or contact phone numbers Regards

    Ps I am an occasional visitor to Anglesy

  2. I have been searching the calendar for the date and the venue of the Seniors’ Trials. News has reached me that these will be held on February 2nd 2019 in Cardiff. Is this so?

    1. Hi Beth,
      I will reply to your message. Senior Trials date is February 2nd 2019 in Cardiff. I have no further info sorry as this is a matter for the Selectors.
      Best regards

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