Report No. 95


The selectors have followed with bemusement and annoyance the emails etc that have circulated following their selection decisions for the Open team for Funchal and for the Lady Milne.

These communications have often been abusive (sometimes libellous) with frequent assertions that are factually (provably) wrong.  Responding to such nonsense is unproductive and indeed constrained by the need to keep selectors’ proceedings and discussions confidential (as required by our Council-approved Terms of Reference).

Disquiet by aggrieved players who have not been selected is not new, but the level of abuse we have received recently is frankly disgraceful.

We are very confident that we have performed our difficult duties as selectors with integrity.  Over the years there may have been mistakes, but our decisions have been taken honestly and properly.

Despite the abuse, we might have been prepared to continue our duties as selectors if we felt that we had the full support of the WBU’s management committee.

Sadly, however, it is clear that the MC as a body is not giving us that support.  It is involving itself in matters that are the responsibility of the selectors, rather than addressing the big challenges of the present WBU (such as the need to manage the calendar, to mount good competitions, to provide a newsletter for members and to improve the website).

Accordingly and with immediate effect the selectors are tendering their resignations from the Selection Committee.

Paul Denning, Sarah Amos, Tony Disley, Alan Stephenson and Mike Tedd

Report No. 94


No further expressions of interest were received by the revised deadline.

So Wales will only be represented in Funchal by one team, the Open team already selected.

Report No.93


The following team has been selected to represent Wales in the Teltscher Trophy (Seniors Camrose).  This will be held on 15th to 17th May 2020 in the Republic of Ireland at the City North Hotel, Gormanston.

Paul Denning & Alan Stephenson
John Salisbury & Tim Rees (captain)
Filip & Diane Kurbalija

Report No. 92


The 55th European National Team Championships will be held in Funchal, Madeira from 17th to 27th June 2020.  There are Open, Women, Senior and Mixed Teams Championships.  The Women’s & Senior Teams will be preceded by Women & Senior Pairs Championships from 17th to 20th June. Wales is entitled to send one team to play in each team event as well as pairs for the pairs events.

The Welsh Open Team has been selected (below).  Little interest so far has been shown in the other events, so we are extending the deadline for expressions of interest in these until the end of February.

Anyone interested in representing Wales in these events should contact the selectors (via Mike Tedd, email  Application may be made by pairs or, if preferred, by teams of four or more.  Pairs applying should list their main achievements over the last few years.

Selection for these teams will be guided by performance in the relevant WBU trials as well as past achievements.

There is no WBU financial support guaranteed for any teams, but if there is sufficient interest of a suitable standard the selectors will be prepared to make the case to WBU management for at least some measure of funding.

Report No. 91


The 55th European National Team Championships will be held in Funchal, Madeira from 17th to 27th June 2020.

The Open team to represent Wales has been selected.  It is:

Gary Jones & Paul Lamford
Richard Plackett & Paul Denning
Julian Pottage & Tony Ratcliff
with Alan Stephenson as NPC



The Welsh team for the second Camrose weekend in Northern Ireland on 6-8 March will be as follows:

Dafydd Jones & Adam Dunn
Gary Jones & Paul Lamford
Tim Rees & John Salisbury
NPC Mike Tedd
Reserves Jake Dunn & Martin Jones



The 2020 Lady Milne will be held on 17th to 19th April 2020 in England. With too few pairs applying to mount a sensible trial, the selectors decided to directly select the team. It is:

Maggie Pierce & Gilly Clench
Sarah Amos & Andrea Knox
Ceri Pierce & Mieke Deschepper
Reserves: Sue & Charlotte Ingham
NPC to be decided


Dear Presidents,

Due to human error, the recently published Supplementary Conditions of Contest for the European National Championships to be held in Madeira in June 2020 contained an incorrect age qualification for the Seniors events.

The correct information is as follows –

To participate in the Senior Series a player must have been born in 1958 or earlier.

We apologise for any confusion that may arise and hope to see your NBO represented in Madeira.

Kind regards

EBL Championships Committee