Good luck to our junior teams playing this coming weekend.

The venue is: Le Mon Hotel and Country Club – Castlereagh, Belfast.

Programme Booklet is:


Welsh Team Players:  Sophie Akers, Lolo Williams, Joseph Bentley, James Brindle, Emilia Cadden, Milan Malecki (NPC: Soozy Nesom)

How to kibitz 

Click https://kibitz.realbridge.online  to join.

The first match on Friday actually starts at 7pm; you can follow the play from 7:05pm onwards. (a minor detail).


Bridge Great Britain link here: https://www.bridgewebs.com/bgb

NIBU link (the organisers) here:  https://nibu1.co.uk/junior-camrose-and-peggy-bayer-trophies-2024


179 – Teltscher Team Selection

Thank you for playing in the Teltscher Trial last weekend.

After reviewing the results and performance of the players in some detail, the selectors have selected the following team:

Alan Stephenson and Peter Kaufmann

Tim Rees and John Salisbury

Paul Denning and Diane Kurbalija

Playing Captains Paul Denning / Tim Rees


The 56th European Team Championships are to be played under the auspices of the European Bridge League in the MCH Herning Kongrescenter, Herning, Denmark from Monday 24th of June 2024 to Thursday 4th of July 2024.


The event will comprise the 56th European Team Championships and these Championships will consist of four categories: Open Teams, Women’s Teams, Seniors’ Teams and Mixed Teams. All events will end on Thursday 4th of July 2024.

All four Championships will be played as a single complete round robin. The number of boards played in each match will be determined and published when the number of participants is known. The Open Championship will be played over 11 days, and the Women’s, Seniors’, and Mixed Championships will be played over 7 days.

The Championships will also include the 12th European Women’s Pairs Championship and the 10th European Seniors’ Pairs Championship as National Pairs competitions. It is anticipated that these Pairs Championship will consist of two stages: a Qualifying Stage, and a Final Stage (Final A and Final B). However, should the number of participants permit, there will be a one stage all-play-all competition. Details of the competition format may be changed according to the final registration of participants.

Would any pairs interested in representing Wales at any of these events contact the Chief Executive or the WBU Selectors by the 12th January 2024. Players must be deemed to be “in good standing” by the WBU and EBL.

The WBU Management Committee have indicated that there will be no central funding available to support any of the teams playing in the National Teams Championships.