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Report No. 95

MESSAGE FROM THE SELECTORS The selectors have followed with bemusement and annoyance the emails etc that have circulated following their selection decisions for the Open team for Funchal and for the Lady Milne. These communications have often been abusive (sometimes libellous) with frequent assertions that are factually (provably) wrong.  Responding to such nonsense is unproductive […]

Report No. 94

EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS 2020 No further expressions of interest were received by the revised deadline. So Wales will only be represented in Funchal by one team, the Open team already selected.

Report No.93

TELTSCHER TROPHY TEAM The following team has been selected to represent Wales in the Teltscher Trophy (Seniors Camrose).  This will be held on 15th to 17th May 2020 in the Republic of Ireland at the City North Hotel, Gormanston. Paul Denning & Alan Stephenson John Salisbury & Tim Rees (captain) Filip & Diane Kurbalija

Report No. 92

EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS 2020 – DEADLINE EXTENDED The 55th European National Team Championships will be held in Funchal, Madeira from 17th to 27th June 2020.  There are Open, Women, Senior and Mixed Teams Championships.  The Women’s & Senior Teams will be preceded by Women & Senior Pairs Championships from 17th to 20th June. Wales is entitled […]

Report No. 91

EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS 2020 The 55th European National Team Championships will be held in Funchal, Madeira from 17th to 27th June 2020. The Open team to represent Wales has been selected.  It is: Gary Jones & Paul Lamford Richard Plackett & Paul Denning Julian Pottage & Tony Ratcliff with Alan Stephenson as NPC


CAMROSE TEAM, 2nd WEEKEND The Welsh team for the second Camrose weekend in Northern Ireland on 6-8 March will be as follows: Dafydd Jones & Adam DunnGary Jones & Paul LamfordTim Rees & John Salisbury NPC Mike TeddReserves Jake Dunn & Martin Jones


LADY MILNE TEAM The 2020 Lady Milne will be held on 17th to 19th April 2020 in England. With too few pairs applying to mount a sensible trial, the selectors decided to directly select the team. It is: Maggie Pierce & Gilly Clench Sarah Amos & Andrea Knox Ceri Pierce & Mieke Deschepper Reserves: Sue […]

Report No. 88

TELTSCHER TROPHY TRIAL Five teams applied to play in the Seniors trials. An odd number of teams doesn’t work well when we want to see head-to-head matches like in the Teltscher itself. This was plain in the Premier League with nine teams, and five teams is worse. So two teams were asked to play a […]

Report No. 87

CAMROSE TEAM The selectors have chosen the following team to represent Wales in the first Camrose weekend in Edinburgh on 10-12 January 2020: John Salisbury and Tim Rees Tony Ratcliff and Julian Pottage Jake Dunn and Martin Jones Reserves: Dafydd Jones and Adam Dunn Npc: Barry Lloyd Jones The team for the second Camrose weekend […]

Report No. 86

PREMIER LEAGUE ARRANGEMENTS The Premier League will be held on the two weekends of October 19-20 and November 2-3 in the Commodore Hotel, Llandrindod Wells. There are nine teams; each round will see four matches and each team will sit out one match each weekend.  The alternative of playing double rounds in groups of three […]